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To Be Announced

  • Registrations Open. Participant Check-in

    Welcome to In50hrs. Please bring a valid ID Proof along with you, in the name in which you booked your ticket. Copy of the Ticket in Electronic form, would suffice. If you used a student discount, a valid Student ID will be required.
  • In50hrs Bootcamp : The Art of Prototyping

    What goes into the building of a prototype? How do you spot a problem, validate it and arrive at a solution for it (the idea)? The bootcamp helps define, what the participants should keep in mind when building a Prototype - remember its not a product. At times, we also do a session or two on technology stacks, relevant to the theme (if any)
  • Participant Intro & Networking

    The Ideas pitched at In50hrs, are voted by peers. Use this opportunity to meet as many people at the event, talk to them about your idea, get feedback, finetune your pitch so that its relevant and create empathy and connect with others.
  • Dinner & End of Day One

    That concludes the activities for day one, over dinner.
  • Deadline for Pitch Submission

    All pitches to be made at the event, will have to be submitted before midnight via the form on the website. Try to be concise, yet covering all the key points of your pitch. The contents of the form, will be converted into a presentation deck, for use, the next day.
  • Check-in. Breakfast Served.

    Good Morning! Please make sure you are nice and early.
  • Pitch Sessions Begin.

    We average anywhere between 10 - 25 pitches at an event of In50hrs. With 3 minutes per pitch that puts it at a little over one hour. To ensure we start on time, kindly arrive early. Those who didn't submit their pitches the day before will not be allowed to pitch.
  • Voting, Followed by Team Formation.

    In50hrs follows a peer-voting process to evaluate the ideas. You will notice that the acceptance of the audience is always directly proportional to the clarity of the pitch, and in the understanding of the problem the ideasmith is out to solve. The top 75% of ideas are voted up, and finalized to move to the prototyping stage.
  • Lunch.

    It can be rather tempting to kickstart right away, but fuel up before you continue. Use the opportunity to get your team to talk about what they are passionate and good at, and allot tasks to them that leverages that. Make sure everyone gets to enjoy the work they do - rather than slaving to build out a prototype for YOU. Use the lunch to build rapport.
  • Prototype Building, Begins.

    Work starts. Mentors at the event will be dropping in periodically, and spending time with teams. Have a visibile white board / progress chart near you, so that if you do not need help and are progressing well, you can just point to that and explain quickly. Unless and otherwise absolutely stuck, the mentors won't deeply engage, beyond giving general feedback on shaping the idea and the market positioning. Some tech mentors can help you pick tools and frameworks to make your job easier, rather than building everything from scratch.
  • Dinner.

    Dinner, is served.
  • End of Day Two

    Day two, usually is a rather tense day. But by now you'd have all your team in place and know exactly where this is heading. However before you part ways, make sure everyone exchanges contact info - so that you can co-ordinate to be on time, and start work the next day.
  • Check-in. Breakfast Served.

    It's a sunday, We know, but do come in early. Just, this weekend!
  • Team Updates. Continue Building.

    A quick shoutout by the teams to see if they are on track and if their team members are all back and getting started.
  • Lunch Break

    At In50hrs, we usually use this time to invite an entrepreneur to come by, and do a talk. Most of them are entrepreneurs who have been exactly where the participants are, not too long ago. Experience, counts for a lot.
  • End of Prototype building. Prepare for Demo.

    By now, the prototype should be looking like whats its meant to - with all the Ps and Qs checked. Practice the pitch and the demo - even Steve Jobs did. Don't try to wing it.
  • Demo Starts

    A select jury presides over this bit, and so do a few participants who have come to witness and show support for the teams. Each team gets 3 minutes to demo the product and seven minutes of Q&A time with the Jury, and audience. The jury doesn't judge, but provides feedback on the prototype built, and what to keep in mind moving forward.
  • End of In50hrs.

    You come in as strangers and strangely leave as friends. Do make sure you join the facebook group, keep in touch with folks and make sure you let the folks in the group know, once you launch the prototype live - make sure you keep us all constantly updated, and reach out in case of help required.


The event is spread over a weekend, approximately 50 hours - starting from Friday evening and ends on Sunday evening.

The agenda is simple. Form teams around awesome ideas, and build a Prototype over 50 hours. Learn to build. Build Friendships. Have fun. Also Don't forget to Talk to Past Participants.

Recommended reading, for those attending In50hrs, for the first time.

Please note that Featured Editions carry a longer schedule.

What is In50hrs About?

In50hrs, is the first step in bringing a Startup Idea to life.

In50hrs, is the Idea-to-Prototype event that happens over a weekend, where developers, designers, and ideasmiths participate, to pitch ideas, form teams, and build functional prototypes - solving real world problems. The prototypes are demonstrated by the team at the Demo evening to peers and a panel of jury.

Products Born at In50hrs

Statistics say that 20% of the prototypes built at In50hrs, go on to launch as products and even turn into startups.
We think that's pretty awesome. Here are some!

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